GIBBON Praktikum

GIBBON Praktikum

Gibbonized and looking for an opportunity for a one in a lifetime work experience? Then this is your place.

We at Gibbon Headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany are looking for you to join us in shaping and creating the present and future of Slacklining. Situated in the heart of Stuttgart, Germany, the home of Porsche, Bosch and Mercedes Benz, the Gibbon headquarters is surrounded by bars, clubs, restaurants and city life.

Our team consists of multitalented people who are dedicated with passion to their work. So we are looking for you to complete our team and gain valuable experience by helping us webbing the world!

Who are we looking for?

  • Slackers who are keen on guerilla marketing, video editing and social media management.
  • People who want to support us in organising world cup contests and unique trade show happenings.
  • Daredevils ready to manage and support the best slackliners in the world (including Andy Lewis, Jaan Roose, Gappai, Alex Mason, Lukas Huber)!
  • Design slackers who want to realise their dream of combining both passions: design/development and slacklining.
  • Enthusiasts willing to gain valuable experience in sales, production and administration.

What are the requirements?

  • A valid passport to enter Germany
  • A CV/resume
  • English or German speaking fluently
  • An interest in slacklining and an understanding of the GIBBON philosophy.
  • 3-12 months time

What do we have to offer?*

  • 5 internship positions maximum
  • 400€ salary per month
  • 1 shared appartment room free of charge!
    Together with our partner companies, elmoto e-bikes and ipdd design and development we have rented an appartment in the heart of Stuttgart walking distance from the office. The offer is limited to one room. First comes – first takes.  The room can theoretically also be used by two people. So start applying!
  • Internationally acclaimed qualified work experience reference certificates
    for students or people who want to become students in the fields of marketing, media, events, design and development, sales and logistics.

When should I start applying?

  • Now!  Start straight away! This offer is valid all year long! Send us your application (letter, resume and references) as a pdf with personal portrait of you via email.

Who do I contact?

*Travel expenses are not included in this offer