GIBBON Fitness Products

„Let´s get physical!“

The long awaited Fitness Product Range from GIBBON is now available at your dealer!

The GIBBON Fitness Range combines personal training and slackline lifestyle with a global community. A poster provides specific fitness exercises which were developed together with the team from Medical Slackline Concepts. With this range GIBBON adds fun, balance and lifestyle to your daily workout. The unique advantages of using slacklining for fitness are that it adds core strength and coordination training to your fitness workout. Therefore this vibration training based workout approach provides a balance between improving your physique and a preventive training.


Use the free standing Slackline system outdoors or indoors and profit from the additional fitness features!

 The new generation of GIBBON Slackracks adds fitness to the many fun activities provided with this product! The new re-engineered design provides a high-grade finish, optimized for an easier setup. The three part setup significantly improves the size for transport and storage. Yet the overall weight at still below 30kg, offers a low cost shipping with this product! The new rubber feet provide a reliable grip and can be taken off for usage outdoors. As a special feature the Slackrack can be set up with either a length of 2m or 3m.

Besides the universal possibilities for leisure use for the entire family the fitness edition adds a “plug and play” fitness package and program, which has been developed by professional physiotherapists and sports scientists. Included to this package is a specific Slackrack workout poster, flexband, handgrips and off course works hand in hand with the fitness feature within the GIBBON App.
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Implement fitness into your daily leisure time!

Outdoor fitness is becoming the upcoming trend! Developed by physios and sports scientists, this slackline set will provide you with loads of fun and a resulting high motivation level for your daily workout. The set includes a flexband, two handgrips and a specific exercise poster with 16 easy to achieve but challenging exercises with no prior Slackline experience required making it a great entry level product!
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Turn your personal slackline into a comprehensive full body workout instrument at little cost!

You have a slackline already and would like to use it for your daily workout? The Fitness Upgrade contains a flexband, two handgrips and a concise training plan on a poster to offer the perfect basis for effective workout results. Developed and tested by physios and sports scientists.

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Your personal workout with the free GIBBON Slackapp! Install the app today on your smartphone and profit today from the detailed and modular exercise video workout program for beginners up to ambitious adrenalin hunters. Find all our products together with their, product videos, user manuals, find the closest retailer and step into our global community. Simply search forGIBBON SLACKLINES on iTunes or on your Google Playstore.