Dear Slackline Family,

10 years ago we founded Gibbon Slacklines and we are still amazed by all the things that happened since then. With our passion and love for the sport and the strong support of a wonderful community we created a worldwide movement and left an inerasable footprint in slackline history. Yep, we are very proud!

So thank you all for being with us for all these years, sharing the love for balance and friendship and keep on pushing the limits.

“Slacklining for everyone” was our first official claim but until today this is what we are living for. To put a smile on people’s faces still makes us happy – if it’s with their first steps close to the ground or on a badass highline in the mountains. These smiles drive our passion since day one.

And for this reason we want to celebrate together with all the good people we have met along the way on July 16th at the Haslachmühle in the south of Germany the biggest GIBBON Party ever. Come and party with us, love, smile and slack until the sun rises again!

For more details click here.  

Thank you for being part of the GIBBON Family!
We love you all!

Further Announcements:

Outdoor Tradeshow 2017, Friedrichshafen, June 18th – 21st
Be prepared for good times! We will celebrate our 10th year anniversary also with multiple events at the Outdoor fair in Friedrichshafen. Be ready for a lot of action, party and amazing slacklining, for example at the European Slackline Masters by Skoda on Monday and Tuesday (4pm to 6 pm). Also there will be Germany’s biggest space net and of course you shouldn’t miss our one and only DJ Stereo Trickz, who made all Gibbon parties unforgettable since the beginning. Free drinks included. For more details of the European Slackline Masters in Friedrichshafen click here.
You want to take part? Click here for registration.

International Pro Team in Germany, June 16th – July 2nd
The top elite of Slacklining will reunite again in Germany! And we are planning tons of events, trips and special actions to make our slackline monkeys happy. Wild times ahead. Be ready for some serious slackline action!

World Slackline Masters 2017, Munich, July 1st and 2nd
This legendary contest in Munich is still the most prestigious Slackline event in the world and this year it will be even more.

On Saturday we will start at 14:00h with the first rookie 1vs1 contest. After that all rookies will be invited by our partner Globetrotter for a get together at the venue itself. So apply for the rookie contest now at events@gibbon-slacklines.comand be part of an amazing experience! You can also register here.

On Sunday once more the international top elite in Tricklining will compete in a team battle mode. And for the first time in history on a parallel Slackline setup. Be ready for never seen before tricks and moves that will raise once again the bar for future slacklining. Click here for more details about the World Slackline Masters 2017.

Global City Balance Challenge 2017
We want to know: Which city has the most balanced people in the world? To find it out we will held numerous contests around the world such as Dublin, New York, Dortmund, Toronto, Tokyo and many more.
You want to join this challenge? Check out the following Events and be part of a global movement: Click here

Keep Slacking and keep promoting our great sport!

Robert Kaeding