Discover the slackline shows of the Onetotwo Crew

The OneToTwo Crew what is it ?

It’s a group of passionate slackliners that want to spread their passion by offering slackline shows, workshops and teaching people how to slackline.

Who are they ?

They are three German slackliners united by the passion of the slackline.

The first one is Moritz Hamberger. He is a trickliner and a highliner. From Telemark ski racing he developed into an absolute competitive athlete and participated several times in world cups in different sports. Shortly after landing his first backflips on the slackline, he began not only to inspire spectators of competitions, but also launched the concept of slackline shows to share his passion for the sport with even more spectators.

The second one is Quirin Herterich. He is highliner, mountaineer and engineer. The technical head of the team. In 2018, he was then even able to set a world record. He ran 2.5km without stopping on a highline in Norway.

And the last one is Simon Meirandres. He is a Trickliner, media designer and photographer. And he is the youngster of the team. Simon developed from competitive climbing to parkour already at the age of 14 to tricklining.

What do they do ?

They mainly do highline and slackline shows in Germany. They inspire their spectators. Action-packed tricks on the trickline at breathtaking heights, alone or with several athletes – let them sweep you away!

Always Higher, further, more spectacular :These are just three terms that describe what drives them: A thirst for adventure! They want to present the versatility of slacklining and test our own limits at the same time. They want to go all around the world to present their passion.

Here is an extract of their shows :

onetotwo trio show

They make not only slackline shows but also films. The latest one is called “Connecting the island”. With a group of highliners, they started an adventure with a first ascent of a 490m long highline from the largest freestanding Mediterranean rock Pan di Zucchero to the island of Sardinia first hand.

The trailer is below, but you can also buy this wonderful movie with this link.

Connecting Islands - Official Trailer

If you want to see slackline like you’ve never seen it before, or if you want to organize some slackline shows. Don’t hesitate to contact these talented slackliners: on the website.

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