Buenos Aires X Slackline 2014 by GIBBON & Red Bull

Could you imagine a bull giving wings to a monkey?

This will happen in Buenos Aires – Argentina this Saturday!

For the first time the event “Buenos Aires X Slackline” will take place. Together with Red Bull, GIBBON organized this amazing contest referring to Red Bull Airlines. The winner will go to Italy 2015 to take part in the Red Bull Airlines event. To see some of the best trickliners in the world competing on slacklines, 4.5 m above the ground, you have to go to Caminito – La Boca in Buenos Aires.

Also our Pro Athlete and winner of the Red Bull Airlines in Catania this year “Carlos Neto” will take part and he is excited about competing against the Argentinian slackliners.  

“Red Bull Air Lines was a really great event! I didn’t expect to get the first place, because I didn’t train enough, but I just did what I knew. I just thought, to be there on the line and having fun. All my rounds were perfect, really technic tricks. I’m happy for this title, CHAMPION!!! Excited now for the Red Bull Air Lines Argentina, they invited me to be there playing with the Argentina crew. This will be a lot fun for sure. I will do the same like always, a lot of freestyle on the line and keep in mind, why I’ll be there: To have fun and not to compete. Slacklife!”

Carlos Neto, GIBBON Pro Athlete

The “Buenos Aires X Slackline” is a unique event, which brings the best national slackliner together. Mind blowing trickling performances, hard battles, incredible Athletes and for sure a lot of entertainment for the crowd! If you are from Argentina or in the area, you should not you miss this event!

Be part of the “Buenos Aires X Slackline” event:

  • Place: Caminito – La Boca in Buenos Aires
  • Date: 8th of November 2014
  • Time: 19:00 (UTC-03)

For more information about the event, click here…