What is it?

Over the years, loads of people have supported us in their own way, sharing their passion around them and creating unique memories with GIBBON.
We want to give to all those people a louder voice – and together – create the Gibbon Tribe.
It is the way to create a strong community around the same interest.

#Reason 1 – Secret Shop

You may have noticed that if you browse our website, you may come across a secret shop. However, to access it, you will need the code reserved for the members of the Gibbon Tribe.

What can you find there?
It depends, this secret shop changes all the time. There may be some previews of products, which is always interesting, when they are limited editions. There can also be products reserved for members. It’s the case of some collector clothes or slack lines set that we don’t sell anymore.

If you are interested in this secret shop, don’t wait any longer and join the Gibbon Tribe.

#Reason 2 – Content Promotion

Being in the Gibbon Tribe means being in contact with Gibbon Slacklines. You will be able to participate in projects, which will both promote the trickline, but also promote your own content.
Not only Gibbon Slacklines will see your content, but also all members of the Gibbon Tribe. They will be able to share your content but also give you tips to improve!

#Reason 3 – Interaction with the whole community

If you didn’t know it yet, we have a discord that already gathers hundreds of passionate people from all over the world.
Here you will find places to chat with slackliners from all over the world and in any language. You will be the first to know about news from Gibbon, and projects we are launching.
We also do a lot of activities on the discord, such as SlackTalks about different topics, where everyone is invited to join.
Join the discord HERE.

#Reason 4 – Affiliate code

Being part of the Gibbon Tribe means being able to create your own affiliate code. This code allows you to get 15% off the entire website. But that’s not all, you can share it with others! Every time someone uses it, you will get 10% commission on their purchase, which you can withdraw whenever you want.
You make yourself happy, and you make other people happy, isn’t that nice?

#Reason 5 – Shared Knowledge

We told you about the discord to put you in contact with slackliners around the world. But this tool is perfect for sharing knowledge.
If you are an experienced slackliner, you can share your experience. It can be training techniques, ways to set up a slackline, spots…
If you are a beginner, don’t hesitate to ask your questions, you will see that many slackliners will be ready to help you, and it’s the best way to evolve in the sport.

#Reason 6 – Being part of the Tribe is cool

Get your unique Tribe membership card. And that’s really stylish. With this kind of card, you won’t be refused entry to nightclubs and you’ll be able to show off at your family dinners. So do the right thing and join the Gibbon Tribe.