With the 10th anniversary of GIBBON Slacklines, the Globetrotter World Slackline Masters will be held for the seventh time in a row at the M-net sport festival on the Königsplatz in Munich. July 2017, the world elite of slacklining will present their skills on the slackline in front of thousands of spectators.
The spectacular and dramatic team competition will be another attraction this year. The teams will have the opportunity to present daredevil manoeuvres and tricks simultaneously as a team on 2 parallel stretched lines.
In addition, it will be possible for all interested parties to take the first steps on a slackline. Under professional guidance, you can test various slacklines on so-called slack racks and at the same time learn how to balance in a short time!

Because of the great success last year, the “Global City Balance Challenge” has been expanded. Last year Marseille, this year New York, Tokyo, Toronto, Dublin, Stuttgart and especially Dortmund will challenge the citizens of Munich to this competition. The rules are simple. Each participant, who can hold his balance on a slackline for 10 seconds, counts. On the website of GIBBON, you can compare with the other cities. Well, Munich citizens! Come to the sports festival at Königsplatz on the 2nd. July and show what you’re made of!

ROOKIE CONTEST 01.07.2017: 1pm till 5pm

For the first time in the history of the sports festival in Munich, a rookie contest is held on the day before. The competition will allow aspiring athletes and amateurs alike to move into the spotlight. Professional athletes may not participate in the competition. The competition is carried out on a simple trick line. In a qualifying round the athletes have to qualify with a 1 minute demonstration. The time runs continuously for the participant without a pause. The best 8 participants will be evaluated according to the ranking of the qualification by 1 against 1 knockout mode, each with 1.5 minutes per participant. The time measurement starts as soon as the slackliner gets on the slackline and is stopped as soon as the slackline is left. After the time has elapsed, 10 seconds for a last trick will be granted insofar as you are still on the slackline.

Apply now for the Rookie Contest here…

PRO TEAM CONTEST 02.07.2017: 10am till 6pm

As in the past two years, the highlight of the World Slackline Masters will again be the International Team Battle. 16 teams from 12 different nations will compete. This year, however, another highlight will be added to the competition with the construction of two trick lines running parallel at a distance of 120 cm from each other. The athletes are thus given the opportunity to perform together as a team and to add more creativity and manoeuvres to their performance with line-to-line transfers. After a qualification round with 1.5 minutes per team, the ranking of the teams for the subsequent knockout mode is determined. The time is not stopped for the qualification. In knockout mode, two Teams each consisting of 2 athletes compete against each other. Both teams have 2 minutes each. The teams and the respective athletes alternate in a prearranged order. The time starts as soon as the previous athlete from the opposing team leaves the line. In the semi-finals and finals, the time per team is extended to 3 minutes.


This year, a new competition assessment system is introduced that was developed over the last few years through the American lines Association (ATA) in collaboration with the athletes. It is based on a point system that evaluates every trick with points by means of a software database and simultaneously assigns minus or plus points for the execution, technique, amplitude and variety and sequence of the tricks within the combos. Each round is recorded and pinned together by an experienced jury team of the ATA with the respective tricks in the software, resulting in a total score for the athlete/team. A second judge once again performs a cross-check to ensure that no errors have been entered.

We look forward to a great event!