Mountain + Gravity Expo is an event aimed at bridging the gap so that everyone can understand the reality of pursuing a dream. In addition to having 100+ exhibitors, the expo will host 5 of the most influential athletes who will give keynote presentations about each sport and host real conversations that both kids and adults will actually listen to about everything from proper progression to skill development, risk management, responsibility, and longevity.

Alongside his, Gibbon will be hosting the final North American stop of the Worldwide City Balance Challenge. This contest will determine who is the most balanced city in the world thanks to over 15 stops this year in cities such as Munich (Germany), Dublin (Ireland), New York (USA) and even Tokyo (Japan) !

The city which will count the most participants able to stand for 10 seconds on a slackline will win the title and a Gibbon Gift Package for next year’s events. To participate simply go the Mountain + Gravity Expo to find out more! To learn how to slackline, you can download the free GIBBON Slack App for your smartphone or Tablet (, for iOS and Android devices).

Last but not least, Mountain + Gravity Expo will be greeting the Godfather of Slackline and star of the Slacklife TV YouTube Channel, Andy Lewis ! Meet Andy and get a chance to learn to slackline with him at the Gibbon booth!

More information here:

Mountain + Gravity Expo