“Let’s challenge the world from Shonan!”

We will have a great opportunity to participate in Global City Balance Challenge 2017 on Dec 10th as a representative of Kanagawa Prefecture.

Shonan area lies on the coast of Sagami Bay in Kanagawa Prefecture, just to the south of Tokyo. Shonan is home to thriving surf community, action sports, and beach culture. Among all the good locations to enjoy outdoor activities in Shonan, One of the best is Tsujido Kaihin Park. Everyone can enjoy slacklining in the designated area, where SSM, Shonan Slacklines Mama, have been holding trial sessions for over two years. The last session in 2017, we will dedicate it fully to challenge global slackline community and make it perfect for the finale. Participation is free! Gather around and challenge your balance and the world!