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GIBBON Fitness Products - available now!

05.06.2015 11:00

„Let´s get physical!“ The long awaited Fitness Product Range from GIBBON is now available at your dealer! The GIBBON Fitness Range combines personal training and slackline lifestyle with a global community. A poster provides specific fitness exercises which were developed together with the team from Medical Slackline Concepts. With this range GIBBON adds fun, balance and lifestyle to

GIBBON SLACKLINES is a partner of the E.O.F.T. 15/16!

05.06.2015 11:00

The new E.O.F.T. Tour is starting soon and we are very happy, that Slacklining will be a part of the best outdoor and adventure films! The Slackline film is called “MASTERS OF SLACK”! It tells the story of our Pro Athletes Andy Lewis and Jaan Roose: “Bouncing on a slackline Jaan Roose and Andy Lewis have probably had more ups and downs in their lives than most

What happend this summer?!

05.06.2015 11:00

It was hot, hot, hot at the Globetrotter Slackline Masters in Munich – the GIBBON Pro Team dominated the Natural Games and providing free inspiration at the Outdoor Trade Show via the community!  A new era of tricklining has begun!   Team Estonia wins the first international Team Battle at the Globetrotter World Slackline Masters in Munich! At 37° Celsius and shade being a



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