Longline Modules

Pit Pull

The world`s smallest and most compact tensioning system for longlines up to 100m!

All by yourself and want to tension up to 100m of longline? No problem for the robust and powerful yet compact lever chain hoist: PIT PULL! It´s simple usage allows tensioning of 1 inch slacklines by yourself and without much previous knowledge of setting up longlines. This makes the PIT PULL the ideal entry level longline equipment to reach your personal next level in slacklining.

Product Details:

  • proof load 10 kN (1000kg)
  • chain length: 1,5 m
  • pressure with full load: 25 kN
  • diameter load chain: 5 mm 
  • lever length: 270 mm
  • weight: 3,85 kg
  • smooth-running freewheel assembly chain