Workshops and Seminars

Since 2007 we at GIBBON Slacklines have been known for our products as well as for our role in spreading and promoting this sport. In cooperation with our worldwide community we realised extraordinary events and contests. Various workshops and seminars increased the knowledge and popularity of this sport. Long-time experience, a big slackline-community and the constant exchange with athletes, coaches and teachers, enable us to offer a program that is adapted to your individual requirements.
A one-hour workshop or a seminar over several days-  it's all about slacklining and the fascination of this great sport.

According to your individual requirements and those of the participants, different modules can be combined:

  • theoretical background knowledge
  • lesson guidelines
  • different solutions for assembling the slackline indoor and outdoor
  • sensormotoric functions, coordinative abilities and adaptations for training
  • slackline-demonstrations
  • special classes for physiotherapists

You got any special ideas? Don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to find an individual solution for you!

To receive further information and/or speak with someone from our team, please send an Email to: workshop@gibbon-slacklines.com