Slacklining with GIBBON is not just balancing, walking and jumping on a slackline, it's also a great opportunity to combine an effective workout with a lot of fun.
Especially for physiotherapists, slacklines can be very useful and create new impulses and a lot of fun for the therapy. The line receives the movement's impulse and gives it back to the athlete. Thereby new kinesthetic information is constantly transmitted. This increases the physical muscle contraction within the whole body.
Slacklines can be used for the training of sensomotoric abilities, coordination, equilibrium and posture, and for strengthening exercises.
This makes the slackline an ideal and very versatile tool for physiotherapy.

Slacklines can be used in physiotherapy and in pediatrics for the following applications:

  • problems with equilibrium
  • injury of the ankle joint
  • injury of the knee
  • debility of abductors
  • debility of the torso
  • dorsal pain
  • instability of the shoulder
  • deformation of the feet

To receive further information and /or speak with someone from our team, please send an Email to: physio@gibbon-slacklines.com