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Nanjing Outdoor Day 2

Hey guys! Today was my first full day in Nanjing. It was great! I met a lot new people and had some awesome slack sessions. I'm working on a short video edit for this trip. Hopefully i'll get it done soon. In the morning I had a great breakfast..:P. Here in china, slacklining is really unknown, so the people are impressed by the tricks that we are doing on the line. The people are awesome, they are also really interested in slacklining. A lot of them joined our trick game, that we had today. Here are some photos of today and also a short video edit. Check it out!!Nanjing Outdoor Lukas Huber     Peace and keep slackin!!!
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ONSIGHT FULLMAN slackline Festival

Hooollaaa Maites, you might have heard about the Onsight slackline Festival that took place last year in June out here in Lindau organized by the Club vaudeville and the Lindau slackliners                     ( Friends and myself )! Here is the Trailer for the 2nd edition check it out ! It's going to be a lot of fun, chilling slacklining, and enjoying the summer vibes . Meet all the pro slackliners and myself for this amazing event ! 16th of June 2012 : Official Trailer - Onsight Fullman 2012 - Slackline Festival Lindau  
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Monkeys in Thailand

Here's a little update on what the Gibbon Highline Crew has been doing in Thailand. So far we have rigged a stalactite space line in a tidal cave. A stalactite highline (Just The Tip), 250 feet high and around 60 feet long, and an island highline (Red Antics) around the same height and 60 feet long. All of these lines are located in and around Tonsai in Thailand. This week we are setting sail on a ship called The Dragon Heart. Gibbon Athletes Andy Lewis, Scott Rogers and Myself, climbers BraydenMayfield, Ryan Matson, along with Photographers Jared Alden, Brian Mosbaugh, have formed an awesome Monkey Crew that is taking slacklining to new heights in the islands of Thailand. The Dragon Heart will take us to James Bond Island among other places where we plan to film, and rig some amazing highlines and slack lines. We also hope to rig an island-to-island longline, something never done before. Stay tuned here at Gibbon-slacklines.com to see our photos and videos coming up this week! "Red Antics" Highline, Thailand. Photo by Scott Rogers
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Spotlight on the Gibbon Flow Line

Ryan Matson walks "Just The Tip" at no tension. So scary! Photo by Scott Roger Ryan Matson walks "Just The Tip" at no tension. So scary! Photo by Scott Roger
The Gibbon Flow Line has long been my personal favorite longline. I broke my longline record (100 ft.) and highline record (120 ft.) on it this year, and now that I am in Thailand with the Gibbon Monkey Crew, we are rigging all of our highlines on it. The rigging here has been a little bit sketchy. We rigged our stalactite highline "Just The Tip" from a very small piece of hanging rock, hand and footholds of which were breaking off easily on our approach. The ocean conditions here soak the rock with saltwater  making everything very weak. As a result we have been hand-tensioning all of our highlines, so they have all been basically rodeo lines. What we have found with the Gibbon Flow Line is that it performs extremely well at a moderate length (sub 80 ft.) under this low tension. At six to eight percent stretch, the semi-static quality of this line makes it a perfect walk with almost no tension. I am not a rodeo-line expert, and have been sending all the lines rigged like this on the Gibbon Flow!! So, while it is easy to send long lengths of this webbing at high tension, I encourage everyone to try it simply hand tensioned through a Gibbon Line Lock. You will be pleasantly surprised, and hopefully, excited to rig some new lines without hauling your pulleys along!
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GIBBON WorldCup Munich 2010

4th July 2010 was the date of the first Round of the Gibbon World Cup Tour 2010. Thus I had to travel to Munich. On the arrival I met the rest of the Gibbon Team. Before the contest started we used the residual time for warm up. At 4pm the qualifications took place. I was glad about qualifiying for the finals which where at 6 pm. Finally I could make it up to the final where I had to compete against Andy Lewis. In the end I have been really happy about reaching the final and I had to settle for the second place. Check out the >video!!!
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Slackline I’ll never leave

It's been a long while since i realized that i would never leave slacklining, but this video is a tribute to my daily passion.  I have been tricklining for more than 6 years now, and it feels so good to just go out and session hard.  Good God Slackline, I'll never leave!~
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LA Trickline Session

So, finally I got to my password to enter my Gibbon blog and I can start posting now ;). In January, during the "US Highline Trip 2010/2011", I managed to make my first trickline video. As a part of the Somewhereelseland Team I had a possibility to use our brand new GoPro HD Hero camera. Most of the footage was taken just by this small fisheye lenses camera - pretty awesome thing. I had to use really simple editing tool - Movie Maker. The final cut is really simple but I'm pretty happy with the result. I took the footage during one trickline session in Los Angeles and edit the movie the same day. The line was stretched between two A-frames on our friend's backyard. On one side whole system was attached to two equalized concrete anchors placed inside the ground and on the other side to the thick wooden pole. The line felt kind of weird because of the extra stretch but it was super fun to land some new moves and combos.

LA Trickline Session

Check out buttbounce to knee stand combinations!

In between trickline days on the Ric's yard or Santa Monica Beach, Faith Dickey, Jordan Tybon and I managed to establish new highline called "Yuccafied". Our friend Dave Meyers got the first ascent. Good job buddy!

Free-Solo on the "Yuccafied" Highline [20m length/30m height] (photo by Jordan Tybon)

More blog posts coming up soon! For now enjoy my first trickline movie! I promise it will only get better.

Peace & SlackOn!

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24 hours Slacklife Diet

Starting March 1st, I packed up what little stuff i had... which was mostly gear for slacklining... and i moved to Moab.  Now that i am locally based in one of the craziest places ever for our sport, i am going to try to RAGE hard; a lot.   These are a few of the highlights from the last 9 highlines in the last 9 days. Up to this point in 2011 (march 10th) I have 24 highlines rigged and walked, and 18 of those were solo'd =)   I promise i will try to stay as safe as possible.  Sit back and enjoy this clip, it has some cool stuff.  
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Chill Status

A big part of training slackline is staying in good enough health to do so.  While we all start to do harder tricks, that require more air, more precision, better timing, and a lot of attempts to get it right... we have to try to take it slow.  BUt not too slow, because you want to progress.  And sometimes all you have to do is commit.  Well today in the park i wanted to take it easy, stay within some no injury boundaries and have a chill session.  Here are a few of the highlights from the chill sesh.  Learned a bunch of new moves at ispo 2011 and you can see a few of them here.  A lot of new ideas have been floating around, and we have to take them and start putting them together.  hope you enjoy the clip.
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WorldCup 2010 Interview

After the WorldCup 2010 I am the 2nd best Trickliner in the World. Andy is on the 1st place... Thats amazing! I have given an interview: G:  Felix, how old are you and where are you from? Felix: I am 16 years old, but will be 17 in December. I come from Lindau at Lake Constance n Southern Germany. G: How long have you been slacklining? Felix: For about two years now. We originally made a few videos and posted them on Youtube. Robert from GIBBON saw them and invited us to a Schipselpool session – that is how everything began. G: Wow! So you managed to progress from hobby slackliner to second in the overall WOrldCup ranking in under two years – very impressive! Felix: Thanks! G: Andy Lewis, the first in the world cup ranking, comes from the USA – meaning that you are now the best trickliner in the whole of Europe. Did you expect this when you started slacklining? Felix: No, of course I did not expect this so fast. At the beginning we really only had fun in mind. When we started slacklining, we did not expect to join the GIBBON team so quickly. Everything develops amazingly fast in this sport. G: How often do you train to be at your level? Felix: Hm, difficult question… We don’t really train at set times. And naturally school is more important right now… But if the weather is right I train with my friend Luis, who is also a GIBBON rider, in our back garden. G: I presume you are going to try and defend your ranking in the coming year, or even aim at the no. 1 seat. What do you think – do you think you have a chance? Felix: I will try to keep improving my skills all the time. The other are not sleeping! You of course have to keep up with the competition, or you fall behind. And keeping the nerves at the right time during a competition is going to make the difference! G: What did you like about this WorldCup? Felix: Definitely the fact that I got to meet a lot of new people and being able to spend time with the best slackliners in the world sharing their philosophies and views of the world. And then of course the anxiety of performing before such a huge crowd of people without knowing whether you are going to land a trick or not… If you then land the trick and the people go crazy, that is amazing! G: What are your goals for the future? Felix: If you take part in the WorldCup you naturally want to win… but for me meeting the slackliners comes first. You get the chance to learn so much from each other and even sometimes create whole new tricks during these meetings. G: So you are suggesting to slackliners participating next year to practice as much as possible with other slackliners? Felix: Of course! It motivates immensely and is far more fun. You also profit from the mental support they can give you to try out new tricks. G: Slacklining only really started taking off in the last two to three years. The WorldCup this year was the first ever to be held. How do you see the situation regarding sponsors for the athletes in the future? Felix: For now I have a sponsorship with GIBBON, but of course I would be glad for any additional support. It helps to have support in order to progress in this sport, especially when you still have to go to school. G: Thank you for the interview Felix! And again congratulations for your 2nd place at the first international Slackline WorldCup!
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