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Andy Lewis

Name: Andy Lewis
Nickname: Mr. Slackline
Date of birth: 07.10.1986
Profession: Refer to Nickname
Hobbies: Life, basejumping, guitar

I'm Slacklining since 2004. My first experience was to walk a super-loose line next to my house with a dislocated shoulder after a climbing trip.

2009 I get in contact with GIBBON thanks to the Jibline.

Achievements in Slacklining:

2011 Guiness World Record Holder

2011 and 2010 World Championship Overall Winner

2. Place GIBBON WorldCup 2011, Brixen

1. Place GIBBON WorldCup 2011, Bregenz

2. Place US National Games 2011, Salt Lake City

2. Place GIBBON WorldCuo 2011, Munich

Father of modern Tricklining

You name it, I did it first:

First backflip

first 100 m highline (2010)

first baseline (2010)

first spaceline (2011)

free Solo World Record Holder (2010 and 2011)

My Slogan:

Slacklife forever

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